Donate Favivent Program – For Charitable Institutions

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused unprecedented changes and loss worldwide. The scale and magnitude of its effects have been beyond anything one could have imagined. Every individual on the planet has been affected – by the disease and if not the disease, then by its social or economic ramifications. Despite all the scientific advancements made by the human race, we still have not been able to find a robust solution that can bring our lives back to normal and reduce infections. However, it is during such times that certain traits inherent in us humans – shine bright. Resilience, the ability to work harder than ever, a sense of duty, empathy, selflessness and most importantly – to see the bigger picture and work to serve their purpose, to state a few. The most outstanding virtue being exhibited is that of “Serving”. Multiple organizations have gone above and beyond their usual business processes to help and serve the Nation – just because they can. No reward or return expected.


Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s Donate Favipiravir Tablet (FaviventTM) Program is yet another avenue to serve – to donate antiviral drug Favipiravir (for mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms) to medical institutes anywhere in India and save lives. We would like to give other charitable and service organisations* and individuals (through charitable / service organisations ) of our Nation the opportunity to fulfil their desire to contribute and serve its citizens at a time of need.

*Service organisations would mean those organizations whose stated purpose is to provide humanitarian service amongst others. Eg. – Indian Red Cross Society, Rotary Foundation, Lions Club, Giants Welfare, Foundation or any Registered Trust and Registered Society having valid registration and PAN number.


COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on India, with an increasing number of cases and lost lives each day. Unfortunately, the disease is now spreading to smaller towns and villages which do not have the health care infrastructure to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. This is daunting especially when it is most prudent to start treating COVID-19 at a very early stage and prevent escalations.

Under these circumstances, earlier this year the Drug Controller General of India approved Favipiravir 200 mg tablets – an oral anti-viral to help ease Mild and Moderate COVID -19 symptoms. It was approved under the accelerated approval process considering the emergency situation and unmet medical needs in light of COVID 19 outbreak, for restricted emergency use in the country.
Favipiravir is a prescription-only medicine to be administered in prescribed dosage under a certified medical practitioner’s supervision only. Favipiravir is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent which selectively inhibits RNA polymerase of the influenza virus and prevents viral replication. Favipiravir has proven efficacy against a wide range of influenza viruses including strains resistant to existing anti-influenza drugs. Favipiravir has been approved for use against COVID-19 not just in India, but also in Japan, Russia and parts of the Middle East. Countries across the world have a positive outlook on Favipiravir.


With the rising number of cases, our country’s medical infrastructure and front-line warriors are under tremendous pressure at the moment. Easing the accessibility to an affordable and effective treatment such as Favipiravir would offer our citizens a timely, much needed therapeutic solution.

And so, we launched FaviventTM tablets, announcing the same on 24th July 2020. FaviventTM is available in a strip of 10 tablets each.

At Jenburkt, our endeavour has always been to serve our patients – through them, we serve God, humanity and our Nation. Given the current scenario of grave health concerns and economic challenges surrounding COVID-19 in India, we believed that if we, as a pharmaceutical company, cannot make a significant positive difference to the society, our very existence is inconsequential.

This is the spirit with which FaviventTM was priced at just Rs 39 per tablet! We are the first to launch in the below Rs 40 per tablet price range to ensure ease of access to the tablets across social strata.


If your charitable/service organisation or you (through a charitable/service organisation) would like to create positive change and help fellow Indians during this pandemic by facilitating access to medical relief – this program is for you.

  • Via DFP, any institution with a charitable, humanitarian or philanthropic mission can now directly donate FaviventTM tablets to a Medical Institution of their choice anywhere in India.
  • Jenburkt will assist them in making the tablets available in the town of choice – as a charitable initiative.
  • The only condition by Jenburkt, for this initiative, is that the donated tablets must be distributed free of charge to the patients by the Medical Institution – which must be ensured by the donor. Example: If  Rotary Club based in Mumbai wishes to donate 500 strips of Favivent to a Medical Institution in Kochi, Jenburkt would arrange for the product to be delivered directly to the institution in Kochi.

In order to allow most service organizations and individuals (through service organisations) from all walks of life to participate and fulfil their wish to help,
we encourage participation through a donation of even 500 strips of 10 tablets each of FaviventTM Tablets. This gesture of donating 500 strips would help about 50
patients, depending on the numbers of days of administration prescribed by the registered medical practitioner. This will benefit a person‘s recovery and prevent the deterioration to a severe condition – and that counts.

Every donation, big or small, will make a difference!

For more details to participate,

please email us at

or call 022-67 60 3636

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